Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bad Halloween Costume

Dear Man Dressed Up as a Gestapo Officer,

What is your problem? How is your costume ok? Are you one of those people that does things just to get a negative reaction out of the people around you? Was it just some sick social experiment? As I was sitting there watching you smoke a hand rolled cigarette outside one of my favorite local brew pubs, I realized that many people use Halloween to dress up as something they would like to be. Do you fantasize about being a murderer? Torturer? Bigot? Rapist? Terrorist?

It was really really eerie to see you standing there smoking and laughing with a guy that was wearing normal clothes as if there was nothing off about you standing there with an olive green uniform, gun holster, German patches and the distinctive red band around your arm.

Do you really know no one that was affected by your fellow officers back in time? Do you really no one whose family was wrenched apart?

You disgust me.

Ms. Knitter